How GPS Tracking Works


GPS technology has revolutionized the way business gets done. By delivering actionable data fast, it can help enterprises speed decision-making, streamline supply chains, understand customer demands, and bring new products to market quickly.

Communication between machines enables innovative advances in technology. CallPass M2M Solutions is at the forefront in developing M2M capabilities that are improving and simplifying the way you do business. Our M2M devices are enabling solutions in industries ranging from healthcare, retail services, smart energy, transportation, logistics, automotive and many more.  

The full cellular (GSM/ CDMA/ HSDPA) and location (GPS) system solution allows worldwide real-time tracking via web based user-friendly application, that can be easily implemented and accessed anywhere in the world. All of CallPass M2M’s GPS tracking systems are certified and meet the most demanding standards of the industry.

M2M Technology

Modern machine-to-machine (M2M) communication has expanded beyond a one-to-one connection. Capabilities have expanded allowing networks to transmit communications through networks transmitting data to machines, hand held devices even now communicating with everyday items such as personal appliances.  The expansion of IP networks across the world has made it far easier for M2M communication to take place and has lessened the amount of power and time necessary for information to be communicated between machines. These networks also allow an array of new business opportunities and connections between consumers and producers in terms of the products being sold.