ROI Calculator

Return On Investment (ROI) studies show savings from the use of an AVL or Realtime GPS tracking system in a relatively short time. The primary categories are Increased Productivity, Improved Corporate Risk Profile, and Reduced Fleet Operating Costs. Enter representative values for your company in the following section and see what savings are possible.

Type of vehicles:
Number of vehicles:
Number of employees per vehicle:
Current price of fuel:
Average wage per hour:
Minutes idling a day per vehicle:
Personal time vehicle is used per day (in minutes):
Miles saved per day per vehicle:
Yearly insurance cost for fleet:
Average annual miles per vehicle:

Total Annual Savings: $

Total potential savings per year.

Reduced Idling + Saved Miles + Sensible Driving + Productivity Gains + Reduced Insurance Premiums

Savings of Reduced Idling

Hours Idle:
Gallons Fuel Saved:
Fuel value: $

An element to saving on fuel is to reduce vehicle idle time. Depending on the vehicle, an hour idling may consume .25 to 1.0 gallon of fuel. This becomes significant when considering a fleet for a month.
Idle minutes x 240 days per year / 60 (convert to hours) x number of vehicles x burn rate (.25-1) x fuel cost = Fuel Value

Miles Saved Annually

Miles Saved:
Gallons Fuel Saved:
Fuel value: $

When routes are monitored, the mileage is reduced to near the same level as if a manager is riding in the vehicle (30% reduction in time and distance). This finding saves on fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, and increases employee productivity.
Extra miles x 240 days per year x number of vehicles / mpg x fuel cost = Fuel Value

Savings From Sensible Driving

Gallons Fuel Saved:
Fuel value: $

Sensible driving includes behaviors that add to maintenance costs and waste fuel. Speeding, and excesive acceleration and deceleration, are primary factors in reducing costs as much as 10%.
Total miles x number of vehicles / mpg x fuel cost x 5% = Fuel Value

Increased Productivity Value

Personal time saved: Hrs
Annual Wages: $

When routes are monitored, the employees use of time is increased to near the same level as if a manager is riding in the vehicle (30% reduction in time).
Personal Time in minutes x Number of Employees per vehicle x Number of Vehicles x 240 days per year / 60 (convert to hours) x Average Wage = Wage Value

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Reduced Insurance Premium: $

Insurance Savings
Many insurance companies have a 5-15% discount for vehicles being monitored by AVL equipment and services.
AVL systems can provide reports for excessive speeding. By monitoring employee driving habits, excessive speeding can be detected and corrective action taken. This type of information may be of interest to insurance companies to demonstrate a safe driving program is being followed.
Asset Location and Retrieval
An AVL system can assist in quickly identifying the location of lost or stolen assets. In addition to knowing the location, quickness in reporting to authorities is important to minimize potential dismantling or destruction.
Annual Insurance Premium x 5% discount = Reduced Annual Premium

Go Green

Annual CO2 Emission
reduction: lbs

Going GREEN is becomming more and more important. Customers have begun actively looking for companies that are implementing GREEN programs. Reducing the carbon footprint of a fleet is one aspect of a Green Program.
A gallon of gasoline is assumed to produce 19.4 pounds of CO2. Visit the EPA Website for more information.
Gallons of Fuel Saved x 19.4 pounds of CO2 = Annual CO2 Emission Reduction

These calculations are solely for informational purposes. Results will vary by industry and your business situation.