Container Tracking

Track The Current Location Of Containers With Ease

The CallPass M2M Solutions system provides a very convenient and easy to use method of tracking the current location of containers with your cargo. Our state-of-the-art real-time tracking software utilizes GSM, CDMA and GPRS platforms with worldwide coverage.  

When shipping freight, CallPass M2M Solutions provides you the ability to track, find and secure your shipments so that you can easily and more profitably run your business. Keeping track of your containers while in transit or in locations you hope are secure, our system can continuously provide you with the information you need as you need it.

CallPass asset tracking devices help secure your mobile assets and shipments as they travel around the world and through the distribution supply chain. With CallPass M2M Solutions’ tracking systems (GPS trackers and GPS tracking software) you can achieve increased assets, and real-time supply chain visibility while, at the same time, reducing your insurance rates and security expenses.

Protect your containers and deter theft or lost assets with CallPass M2M Solutions.

theft recovery
Theft Recovery With Container Protection

Every organization shipping a container has to find a way to minimize theft and asset loss. CallPass M2M anti-theft relays information from a sensor attached to the container door. If someone breaks the door lock, or simply unlocks the door and opens it, you'll be the absolute first to know about it.

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GPS Geo-Fencing with Instant Alerts

Put the power of GPS geofencing to work for your business. Draw a circle or a polygon around any area you choose, or select advanced route geo-fencing with fully adjustable buffer zones and get instant alerts if your drivers deviate from their scheduled routes.

Eco System
Control System Monitoring of Contents
Track and monitor the contents of your container to ensure temperature and humidity levels are stable. The container's sensor detects any change in events and sends a notification directly to your desktop or mobile device, helping you to track the quality of your shipment anywhere.


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Locate On-Demand

CallPass M2M Solutions provides the ability to locate your container in real-time 24/7. By providing Locate On-Demand functionality the whereabouts of your container is always a click of the button or mouse away. Utilize a PC, Tablet, Smart Phone or any Internet Browser to locate your vehicle when necessary.