Asset Tracking

Managing Your Valuable Assets Is So Easy!

Answers to such basic questions as “Where are my trucks?” can significantly impact key factors such as efficiency, customer service and revenue.  Asset protection has long been the driving force behind the insurance industry. However, no policy can offer loss prevention. GPS tracking devices are an invaluable tool in understanding every aspect of your current situation, giving you the ability to take a proactive approach to your protection. Instant access to location information and vital statistics for valuable personal and business assets 24-hours a day, gives you piece of mind from anywhere around the world. 

CallPass M2M Solutions and its partners offer a wide variety of intelligent machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services that enhance productivity and improve operations that control costs and generate revenue. The use of geo-fencing, speed alerts and other notification technologies can ensure your assets are where they should be and safe even when you are not actively managing them.

Our asset tracking solutions are small, portable, self powered units which, when fitted to any mobile asset, continuously monitors and reports its exact location. In an effort to keep our GPS solutions as scalable as possible, we offer a range of GPS trackers with long stand-by times, and dust and water resistant casings to suit various applications.

Heavy Duty Tracking

Do you have HEAVY DUTY needs?

Heavy equipment GPS tracking information is vital to understanding and even extending the lifetime use of your equipment and curbing inefficiencies. Not to mention, protecting your investments from theft or vandalism can help change thew way you do business.

Let CallPass M2M Solutions help you effectively and efficiently track your equipment to realize cost savings and improved performance, and make you more competitive.


Monitor alerts for an unlimited amount of devices with ease on our user-friendly, responsive interface. Alerts provide notifications that the users set within the various provided features. Your device will notify you of excessive travel speeds, changes in environment, and much more, all based on your settings.

theft recovery
Theft Recovery With Asset Protection

Every organization with a fleet in the field has to find a way to minimize vehicle and asset theft. CallPass M2M anti-theft solutions help you locate your stolen car or truck before the thief gets away with your property or your client’s merchandise.

custom reports
Custom Reports Whenever You Need Them

In addition to an industry-leading slate of standard reports, you can custom-create the reports you need to maximize your fleet's productivity. Drill down and monitor frequency of visit, closest item search, driver productivity, scheduled maintenance and more.

On-Demand Locating
Locate your Asset On-Demand

CallPass M2M Solutions provides the ability to locate your asset in real-time 24/7. By providing Locate On-Demand functionality the whereabouts of your container is always a click of the button or mouse away. Utilize a PC, Tablet, Smart Phone or any Internet Browser to locate your vehicle when necessary.